Wood Fires

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There’s nothing quite like a wood fire. The flickering flames and toasty heat create a down-to-earth, rugged, and wonderfully cosy atmosphere, which is basically irreplaceable.

Between their cost-efficiency, as well as the nostalgic atmosphere that they create, complete with their unbeatable warmth and comfort, it’s not hard to see why wood burning fireplaces remain a popular source of home heating throughout the country.

Plus, they use a carbon neutral, renewable fuel source – meaning they’re great for the environment.

There are stacks of advantages to wood fires! Also included on the list is:

Reliable and durable

Because they don’t need electricity, oil or gas power to function, wood fires are one of the most reliable options on the market. Even in a power cut, when all other heating sources may not work, a wood fire will still keep the house warm. Plus, they’re a simple, sturdy construction, with very few moving parts that can break. If they’re used properly, they will work well with little maintenance for decades.

Effective heat output

Although in older wood fireplaces, significant amounts of heat can escape up the chimney, the newer fireplaces are known for their high-efficiency. Some can even be 70-80% efficient! This means, wood fires can produce a lot of heat, and effectively warm a space very quickly.


Wood fires are one of the most cost-effective options for home heating. They are extremely cheap to run, with the main expense being firewood (which can often be found for free).


As wood is renewable and sustainable, wood fires are carbon neutral and produce minimal air pollution (when the wood is burned cleanly).


With endless design possibilities, a wood fire can easily become the centre of any living space. Plus, there’s nothing like the crackling logs and woodsy aroma, for creating a cosy and homely atmosphere.

Are you ready to cosy up next to a traditional wood fireplace, and soak up its soothing crackle, natural beauty, and gentle aroma?

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