Warmington Outdoor Nouveau Wood Fires

Outdoor Nouveau & Pizzeria Wood Fires by Warmington. If you enjoy cooking great barbeque food and love entertaining outside, then a Warmington outdoor fire will give you all that and more


The new Pizzeria option is great for cooking delicious pizzas and bread in just minutes, as well as traditional barbeque food, and the fire will keep you warm well past the summer months. Cooking facility includes pizza oven, BBQ hot plate and grill. Stainless steel weathershield to protect the firebox. Proudly designed and made in New Zealand. Available in wood, gas and stainless steel option. Accessories include rotisserie, “hell rotisserie” (for whole or large pieces of meat) and davit handle to allow cooking with a pot over open flames. Sizea are 900-1100-1250-1500-1800 and 2000

size H x W x D (mm)x x

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