Wagener Sparky CA

Meet the new Wagener Sparky CA. We’ve designed him to fit a gap in the market for a good looking compact wee fire.

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She’s sweet and petite and proudly clean air approved.  Sparky CA was conceived to meet the urban demand for a compact, good looking wee fire in locations where brother Sparky is not permitted. She is super clean burning with emissions of just 0.55g/kg and a well rated 68% efficiency.

Sparky CA has streamlined panels incorporating a fixed log base and a stove top cooking surface which can be fitted with optional top rails. Pop a kettle on top for a nice cuppa and let her simmer away sweetly to warm your day. Like any little girl she loves to dress up so customised coloured panels are available and she even has her own purpose designed and tested petite flue system.

This little girl is ready to paint the town a cosy warm red.

7 70

size H x W x D (mm) Max Heat Output (kW) Heating Area (m²) Efficiency (%)
797 x  370 x 340 7 70 68

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Black, Red

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