Metrofires Tiny Series

These compact versatile fires feature surprisingly large volume fireboxes that punch well above their weight in winter heating performance. Cook your favourite soup or boil the kettle on the flat cooktop of the radiant models (RAD).

The Tiny Series offers a range of clean air-approved low emission fires designed for smaller homes and open areas. Durable New Zealand steel fireboxes deliver both radiant and convection heating. All models (excluding the Ultra Tiny Rad) can also be fitted with a wetback to assist with water heating. The Ultra Tiny Rad is however the only option with ultra low emmisions (ULEB). Brought to you by Metro Fires.



Tiny PED – Convection style heating with pedestal and wetback option
Tiny RAD – Radiant cooktop with legs and wetback option
Tiny RAD WOODY – Radiant cooktop with wood box and wetback option
Ultra Tiny RAD – Radiant cooktop, ultra-low emissions, Ecan approved, with legs

Model Max Heat Output (kW) Heating Area (m²) Wetback Option Clean Air Ultra Low Emmissions
Tiny PED 11 120 Yes Yes No
Tiny RAD 11 120 Yes Yes No
Tiny RAD WOODY 11 120 Yes Yes No
Ultra Tiny RAD 11 140 No Yes Yes

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HT Metallic Black

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Base Option

Legs, Pedestal, Wood Stacker


Tiny PED, Tiny RAD, Ultra Tiny RAD