Hunter Herald 80B

A real fire can create quite the atmosphere but this used to come at an awfully high environmental cost – not anymore. With fantastic efficiency our Herald 80b will elevate your carbon conscience.


Within the Hunter range of stoves is the impressive Herald 80B, a large multi-fuel stove with an exceptional heating capacity, suitable for larger properties powering up to 15 radiators. This really is a beast of a stove!

Designed to heat the entire home, the designers have created a new stove that can power a family home, and run 15 radiators.

This fabulous stove combines 40-years heating know-how with beautiful, classic styling. It’s a fierce stove that sends 16kW to run your water and radiators, and 10 kW to heat the room. Behind the doors, Hunter technology works hard to ensure the fuel is fully ignited (using Tripleburn) and efficiently dispersed for a cleaner atmosphere (Cleanburn).

size H x W x D (mm) Max Heat Output (kW) Heating Area (m²) Efficiency (%)
991 x 764 x 491 14 140

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