Fujitsu Floor Ceiling Dual Console

Offers the flexibility of being easily installed on the floor or under the ceiling.

  • The room temperature can be set to go no lower than 10°C, thus ensuring that the room does not get too cold when not occupied.
  • Should there be a temporary loss of power, the unit will automatically restart itself in the same operating mode, once the power is restored.
  • The unit automatically switches between operating modes based on the temperature setting and room temperature.
  • The economy operation will save energy in heating, cooling and dry mode and is set by pressing the button on the remote control.
  • Different ON-OFF times can be set for up to 7 days.
size Indoor height
width (mm)
height (mm)
Outdoor Width
ABTG18LVT 655 990 620 790 6kW
ABTG24LVT 655 990 830 900 8kW


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