Fujitsu General anywAiR® technology

Fujitsu General has a range of control options to enable Wi-Fi control of your heat pump / air conditioner. The anywAiR® technology Wi-Fi device enables Wi-Fi control of a range of heat pump / air conditioning units up to 10 years old. The Wi-Fi adaptor plugs easily into your Lifestyle wall mounted heat pump / air conditioner and the anywAiR® technology ducted controller enables Wi-Fi control of a range of whole home ducted systems.

The Fujitsu General anywAiR ® technology ducted zone controller provides Wi-Fi control for Fujitsu ducted heating/cooling systems via a wall mounted touch pad. Remote access is available using the anywAiR ® App*, giving control of your ducted system anytime, anywhere with selected smartphone and tablet devices. The new technology enables you to run your ducted system efficiently and easily, by controlling up to 10 different zones within your home.

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