Escea EK Series Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen

The ultimate outdoor cooking fire. The EK Series Outdoor Fireplace Kitchen comes equipped with everything you need to achieve a smoky meat lover’s feast and best of all once the flame cooking is done, it all hides underneath a stainless steel draw. Leaving you with a roaring outdoor fireplace to relax in front of into the small hours


13 point adjustable height grills and an Ember Generator let you cook your food at the perfect temperature. For that delicious flame grilled smoky flavour. When not being used, the cooking grills hide underneath the stainless steel lid, giving you a roaring fire sure to get the party started. There are adjustable cooking plates, grills and meat hooks. The EK Series features new technology that allows the fireplace to be attached to the home for greater indoor-outdoor flow. There are 3 sizes available being the EK950, EK1250 and EK1550