Pellet Fires

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Resembling a traditional wood fireplace, a pellet fire is a low-cost heating option, that is fuelled by compacted wood pellets made from recycled sawdust, and operated by a thermostat. Wood pellets are made from a waste product of the forestry industry in New Zealand are a renewable resource.

These stylish fireplaces not only deliver toasty warmth at the flick of a switch (making them incredibly safe and easy to use), but they’re also known for being the most environmentally friendly form of heating you can buy! Plus, they come in a range of modern designs that complement, and add ambience, to any home.

What’s not to love?

What are the benefits of pellet fires?

User friendly

If coming home to a cosy house is high on your list of priorities, then a pellet fire may well be the right choice for you. Choose one with a thermostat and/or timer – and you’ll be met with a toasty room, and the flicker of real flames as soon as you walk through the door. And, if you want to change the temperature, all you need is a remote!

Safe to use

Because the wood pellets are fed through a hopper at the back of the fire, there’s no need to open the door while the fire is burning, which means there’s no danger of embers igniting on your carpet or you. Plus, there are multiple safety mechanisms within most pellet fires, such as an auto cut-off to stop overheating, and an auto stop when the fire runs out of pellets.


Running your pellet fire can be extremely economical, thanks to their impressively high efficiency (their ratings can be as high as 94%, depending on the model and heat output required).

Visible flame

Pellet fires offer great ambience, and have the real flame of a log-burner … but, without the hassle of buying, or chopping, carrying, and storing firewood.

Leading design

Pellet fires have advanced significantly in the last 20 years. While the original pellet fires were simple-looking (and noisy), today, a whole range of designs are available – from traditional and simple, to upmarket and sleek.

Environmentally friendly

The wood pellets that fuel the fire are made from sawmill waste, so burning them is considered carbon-neutral (as the carbon released during combustion is equal to the carbon released by a tree while decomposing). Plus, they burn smoke-free, and release significantly less pollutants than other solid fuel burners.

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