Other Heating Solutions

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Contemporary electric fireplaces offer a range of alluring benefits, including their ease-of-use, cheap installation, and safety. Plus, they’re 100% efficient – meaning they don’t lose any heat (which also means they’re environmentally friendly)!

These stylish fireplaces use a mains electrical supply to power a heating element and blower to provide warm air to a room, and by using a LED screen or rotisserie-style light effect to produce the look of real flames.

This means that these fires have the power to create the ambiance of flames from a traditional wood fire, without the need to chop and stack wood, and regularly clean and maintain the fireplace and chimney.  In fact, they have a maintenance cost of virtually zero – given that they don’t need servicing, and very rarely need replacement parts.

Heat pumps are a hugely popular heating solution in New Zealand. With the ability to cool air as well as heat it, all with the touch of a button, more and more people are turning to these innovative products.

The main advantage of heat pumps is their energy efficiency, although they are also known for their low running costs, low maintenance, and low carbon emissions.

These convenient pumps, which can heat or cool a room in a matter of minutes, come in a range of styles and designs that can suit any home.

The popularity of outdoor living is soaring! Who doesn’t love spending time outside, enjoying the warmth of a beautiful outdoor fire with friends and family?

Outdoor fires can be a great touch to your outdoor space! They’re a great way to create a cosy outdoor atmosphere – perfect for entertaining friends and family all year round.

When it comes to ambience, the natural charm of an outdoor wood fire is hard to beat, with the crackle and hiss of the wood creating a mood like no other. Outdoor wood fires tend to be cheaper too, and you can even use them for cooking (or toasting marshmallows)!

However, a gas fire has plenty of advantages of its own – most notably, it is extremely convenient, easy to use, and has minimal ongoing maintenance. They’re also environmentally, and safe.

Are you ready to relax after work with friends and family, in front of a roaring wood or gas outdoor fire?

During warm summer months, an air conditioner can prove invaluable, in creating a cool, comfortable environment.

While wall-mounted air conditioners have been the go-to solution for a while, some of the latest portable cooling products are proving to be a smart, eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative.

Are you ready to have instant cooling on a hot day?