Gas Fires

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Heat, ambience and beauty at the touch of a button – nothing says sophistication quite like a gas fire.

Combining modern and minimalistic elegance with practicality, gas fires are an extremely effective and economically-friendly heating solution.

With a high efficiency rating, these simple and versatile fires can quickly create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, complete with the look and feel of a real fire – but without any of the unwanted extras and hassles! Complete with convenient electronic or remote control ignition, gas fires are a great addition to any home.

A great alternative to a traditional wood fireplace, gas fires have a 100% efficiency rating; no by-products are produced; and some even have no need for a flue or chimney. This makes them an economically friendly choice that is both simple and versatile. They offer the look and feel of a real fire, but without any of the unwanted extras and work that traditional fireplaces require. Plus, they take up minimal space, with options for them to be inset or all-mounted.

Further advantages of gas fires include:

High performance

One of the most obvious benefits of gas fires is that they fill your living space with instant, and constant, penetrating warmth. They have a high heating output with minimal gas consumption, which also means you can lower your heating bill and use less energy (plus, with a gas fire, you can easily heat the places in your home where you spend the most time. Keeping only those places warm helps you save money on heating rooms you’re not using, which you would have otherwise spent using alternative heating options).

Easy to operate

Gas fires can be intelligently controlled with a remote. One push of the button and your fireplace is lit, and with the same push of the button, it goes out. They also eliminate the time-consuming and sometimes messy task of buying or chopping, carrying and storing firewood.

Environmentally friendly

Gas fireplaces don’t release as many fumes into the air as wooden fireplaces – meaning you can use them without causing environmental harm.

Simple installation and low maintenance

Gas fireplaces are easy to install in most homes, especially seen as a chimney or flue isn’t required. Plus, they’re easy to clean, as there’s no soot, debris or wood leftover.


Gas fires come in various designs and styles, which help add value to your home. Plus, many of the latest designs have a realistic flame image that’s hardly distinguishable from a real wood fire. Gas fires are often recognised as design statements in themselves.

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