Frequently Asked Questions

Hanson Heating will advise you on the best and most cost-efficient way to heat your space, and it doesn't matter if that space is a home, (new or existing), an office, a series of hotel/motel units or larger commercial premises. Warm and Stress-Free customer service is part of the Hanson Heating experience. You'll get the benefit of their years of experience every step of the way - from choosing your heating right through to installation. Contact Us

ULEB is an acronym for 'Ultra Low Emission Burner'. ULEBs are the cleanest burning fires with over 65% efficiency. With the new ULEB fire technology you can keep your whole house warm and cosy for much cheaper. ULEB fires are much more environmentally friendly than a traditional fire letting of little to no emissions, this also means you will be using less wood. Check out our range of Clean Air Wood Fires.

Wetbacks generally provide a boost to the water heating system, particularly in the winter when most required. They are most suitable for cold climates where a lot of space heating is used.

The combustion process of the solid fuel burner heats a water jacket installed in the firebox. Options are available for 1.5–4 kW water jackets. Water circulates through the water jacket, then back to the storage heater. View our range of fires with wetback water booster options.