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Broady's Firepower 'B' Series

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When designing and building a fireplace, many leading architects and builders select Broady's Firepower because of flexibility of design, easy installation, superior engineering and construction.

The Broady's Firepower 'B' Series must be installed into masonry chimneys or cavities. They are also used to renovate many existing fireplaces; to not only enhance the look, but also dramatically increase its efficiency.


  • Many sizes are available to suit any house, restaurant or commercial application/situation
  • Unique five sided heat exchanger
  • Brody’s Firepower wood fires are up to eight times the efficiency of a traditional brick chimney
  • Insulated fireboxes are suitable for timber installation
  • Uninsulated boxes must be encased in brickwork
  • Heaviest steel firebox and grate
  • Unique easy clean ashtray system
  • Choice of stainless steel or matt black fascia trim

The superior design of the Broady's Firepower ensures a continuous circulation of convective heat at all times via the unique five sided heat exchanger. While the direct heat radiating from the wide open firebox creates immediate warmth to your room; this high efficiency performance is many times greater than that of traditional fireplaces.

  • Damper with detachable handle
  • Unique suspended firegrate
  • Easy clean slide-in/slide-out ashtray
  • Steel outer body
  • Insulation
  • Cool air into heat exchanger
  • Air circulation paths via the side chamber
  • Air circulation paths via the back chamber
  • Heated air comes into the room via outlet louvres
  • Stainless steel flue with galvanised outer liners
  • Air flow between inner and outer skins of flue
  • Fireplace surround (enclosure) is built in your chosen material, hides all of Broady's Firepower unit so all you see is the fire and the outlet louvres
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