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Ferroli Domestic Diesel Boilers

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Ferroli, the European manufacturer of cast-iron boilers has the pleasure to give you the right answer with its new series, the GN series. The GN Series has two boiler types; the GNI boiler has an open Spatio burner, and the GN Unit has an enclosed Spatio burner for quieter operation.

In order to best maintain the thermal performances of the boiler, the GN boiler has been thoroughly insulated in a 60 mm thick glass wool layer. The insulation significantly reduces the waste heat in the boiler room.


  • High efficiency floor-standing heat generator fitted for jet burners on liquid and/or gas flue, with partial flame reversal and one flue pass, cooled combustion chamber, for the production of hot water for central heating and DHW.
  • Quick storage cylinder (100 litres), steel with cryolite glass finish, insulated by a layer of polyurethane foam, with immersed coil.
  • Pump for the storage cylinder coil and central heating pump.
  • G20 cast-iron boiler body made from pre-assembled elements with steel cone inserts and boiler studs, insulated by a layer of rock wool lined by special tear-proof material.
  • Steel casing painted by anaphoresis using epoxy powder paint and furnace-baked at 180°C.
  • Supplied as one single package in a wooden crate.
  • Elegant and refined design.
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